December 8, 2010

Disappeared off the Face of the Earth

i know it seems like i did just that! so sorry! my mr. decided to start his own business earlier this year...he's a mechanic. i am proud of him, but it's been hard starting up. he's got a decent customer base, but it does not always pay the bills. it's sporadic. it's stressful. so. i decided to get a 2nd job to help us get by. i seriously need to get my credit cards paid off & my car...once that is done, it will be a little easier. i have been making and selling crafts at two new shops in louisville and new when i've had the time, i make stuff to them, but working 7 days a week doesn't leave much time for my personal scrapbooking and crafting. but my hope is to work this in after the new year...i haven't even started making my handmade christmas cards yet this year...sad to say but they might be getting wal-marties. lol.

please don't give up on me. i'll be back after the new year, if not sooner!


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