February 28, 2009

kwerner color inspiration #43

i just discovered this blog and so this is my first card in the color inspiration challenges. i'm totally excited about it. last night around 12:30am i realized that I needed to get a card out in the mail like TODAY for my friend sara's birthday. so i decided to get two birds with one stone and use these colors to make her birthday card and then use it for this too! my card turned out cute, but definitely has some funky handmade flair! i mainly had a problem because i did not have any supplies close to the ruby red color...except for this chipboard quote bubble...so then i needed some kind of creature to link it it, so i drew and cut out this little deer with my exacto knife. by the time it was 2am i was getting really tired and i drew an ugly little flower at the bottom and i hated it so then i had to cover it up! uughhr! i found this green felt flower and combined it with a white paper flower and a blue button. quite the cute cover up if you ask me. hehe. xoxo andie...

February 27, 2009

something cute!

last night i worked on this little cutie...here is a sneak peak...coming soon to etsy.  :0)
i've been staying up way too late the past couple of weeks...i'm so sleepy today. plus it has been rainy for 2 days now and it makes me just want to curl up on the couch next to my desk and take a little nap!

February 26, 2009

new project ideas

In high school people always wanted to buy my artwork - they'd catch me at a ball game or come into Mundy's when I was waitressing to ask me about it. I never did sell anything though because I was always so attached.  Plus I never knew how much to charge? I just felt weird about it. Looking back, I wish I would have given some of those things up because now they just sit in a closet (haha I think in the closet at my parents house, sorry mom, someday I'll get all the rest of my things) because they are not coordinating with my little country home.  

Well, I've been wanting to start painting on canvas for my etsy shop. I always have tons of ideas and I have drawn out one in particular that is just begging to be brought to life. It's an Alice in Wonderland piece - with the white rabbit and a stopwatch. It will be a little whimsical and homemade looking. I am totally inspired by Elsie Flannigan of Red Velvet Art. She is my artistic hero. Someday I'd love to meet her...I actually emailed her last week and she wrote back to me that same day, which was awesome. It was weird for me to do that but I really just wanted to tell her how cool I thought she was. I'd love to do what she does. Her blog is fantastic...I'm addicted!   www.abeautifulmess.typepad.com

Oh, and I recently bought a little wooden box that I'm going to paint up too. Great for treasures and trinkets or maybe just pencils? :0)

xoxo andie...

February 23, 2009

special delivery

michael called me earlier today to tell me i got 2 packages in the mail. i completely forgot until i got home tonight. YES! my cute cute stamp set that i purchased off ebay has arrived! i can't wait to go use them...for some reason i was thinking they were all used, but only 2/8 had even been assembled. that just makes my day!

and this picture also makes my day. my two favorite boys - michael & rocket. they are too cute!

February 22, 2009

this weekend i made this & this.....

i had the idea for this sweet little cupcake gift card holder on saturday morning while i was waiting for the alarm clock to go off. i needed some supplies so i spent a couple of hours milling around the hobby shop. i love to just walk up and down the aisles and look at everything! if you ask me, i think it turned out rather cute! you can just slide the gift card into the pocket in the back. it's so sweet!

i just made this cute cute card a little while ago and just put it up on etsy. i drew and cut the deer out with an exacto knife so it was a time-consuming, but well worth it. it's cuteness is undeniable. *sigh*

xoxo andie...

February 20, 2009

my cute little notepad

last night i stayed up late making this cute little notepad. i am always writing down names of books or authors that i see featured on the today show, on a borders email or something that a friend has suggested. usually i write stuff like this down on a little yellow sticky note and then i end up losing it before i make it to the library. but...if i had a cute little notepad like this to keep in my purse, i wouldn't have to worry about it! so that was my inspiration. i'm planning to do a little series of notepads like this, i'm so excited about it. my green paint was a little chunky though...eek! i'll have to get some more next time i'm at the store.

these are the things i want to get done this weekend: laundry, haul off the mother mary statue that was in my yard that i busted apart last weekend but then was too weak to even budge the wheelbarrow (i've been saving my strength all week because michael is really busy with a tile job and fixing a jaguar in the garage), go to the library, clean out our 30gal fishtank (all of our expensive fish died when we didnt have power for 9 freaking days! sob), do some general cleaning, and make fun crafts. i also started on a mini-scrapbook awhile back and it's just been siting up in my loft, so i want to get that rolling again! whew!

p.s. the last book i read was "marley & me." it was so good...i read it in like 2.5 days

February 19, 2009

up and running...

soo...i have a blog! i started my etsy shop a little while back ( you should go look :0) i have some super cute and fun little creative things: andiesink.etsy.com ) and i thought it might be fun to start a blog as i go along. i plan to use this spot as my scrapbooking blog and a place where i can share my projects. i've been feeling very creative lately...so much so that everytime i show my boyfriend, michael, a new project he rolls his eyes at me. i realized i was slowly taking over the upstairs loft, and then i started bringing my scrapbooking stuff and crafts down to the tv room this winter because it got so cold upstairs that i couldn't stand it! and now i have my card table in the spare room and what a mess! i've been trying to keep it more under control...but i'm not very good at it. when my creativeness starts, stuff starts flying...and i found out it's not a good idea to put paper scraps in his ashtray...he doesn't like that either. hehe...i think i'm going to be good at this blogging thing...i like to ramble on about things. xoxo andie...


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