February 20, 2009

my cute little notepad

last night i stayed up late making this cute little notepad. i am always writing down names of books or authors that i see featured on the today show, on a borders email or something that a friend has suggested. usually i write stuff like this down on a little yellow sticky note and then i end up losing it before i make it to the library. but...if i had a cute little notepad like this to keep in my purse, i wouldn't have to worry about it! so that was my inspiration. i'm planning to do a little series of notepads like this, i'm so excited about it. my green paint was a little chunky though...eek! i'll have to get some more next time i'm at the store.

these are the things i want to get done this weekend: laundry, haul off the mother mary statue that was in my yard that i busted apart last weekend but then was too weak to even budge the wheelbarrow (i've been saving my strength all week because michael is really busy with a tile job and fixing a jaguar in the garage), go to the library, clean out our 30gal fishtank (all of our expensive fish died when we didnt have power for 9 freaking days! sob), do some general cleaning, and make fun crafts. i also started on a mini-scrapbook awhile back and it's just been siting up in my loft, so i want to get that rolling again! whew!

p.s. the last book i read was "marley & me." it was so good...i read it in like 2.5 days

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