February 19, 2009

up and running...

soo...i have a blog! i started my etsy shop a little while back ( you should go look :0) i have some super cute and fun little creative things: andiesink.etsy.com ) and i thought it might be fun to start a blog as i go along. i plan to use this spot as my scrapbooking blog and a place where i can share my projects. i've been feeling very creative lately...so much so that everytime i show my boyfriend, michael, a new project he rolls his eyes at me. i realized i was slowly taking over the upstairs loft, and then i started bringing my scrapbooking stuff and crafts down to the tv room this winter because it got so cold upstairs that i couldn't stand it! and now i have my card table in the spare room and what a mess! i've been trying to keep it more under control...but i'm not very good at it. when my creativeness starts, stuff starts flying...and i found out it's not a good idea to put paper scraps in his ashtray...he doesn't like that either. hehe...i think i'm going to be good at this blogging thing...i like to ramble on about things. xoxo andie...

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