March 22, 2010

sweet cupcakes

sorry for my absense lately. i've been busy the past couple of weeks going through container after container of junk! i have basically every notebook from every grade of school from every subject plus a folder full of papers from each class too. it's pretty ridiculous why i saved all of that stuff. guess i thought i would make a super ginormous scrapbook with that stuff? yeah......right. so i've been filling trash bags and only saving out a couple of things here and there. and i have quite the collection of yard sale items going on too. lots and lots of clothes! eeeek! except the last time i had a yard sale a total of about 6 people came and mostly they were wondering if i had any tools to sell (because mr michael has a huge garage and those men wanted to get ahold of some good stuff and weren't interested in my gap and banana republic collection). hehe! i'll have to advertise in the newspaper this time.

anyhow. here are a couple of cards i've made recently, featuring stamps from papertreyink. one was for my friend sara's birthday and the other for my boss.

xoxo andie...

March 6, 2010

Photo Booth Fun

I was going through some of my picture boxes (you know, when i actually had film developed) and i came across this half strip of photo booth pics. at the time, michael and i had cut them in half and he took 2 and i took 2. unfortunately, he lost his...he somehow had it stuck up in his car, and it slid down behind the headliner and since he no longer owns that vw...

anyhow! this was on a trip to indiana beach for my mom's company party when we were in high school. so cute! i was grouchy later on that day i remember, so i'm glad we got these silly photos in early!

the offwhite felt heart is my own handmade embellie and the corrugated butterfly was punched from a starbucks coffee cozy. mmmhhh starbucks. havent had that in forever!

have a fabulous weekend. xoxo andie...

March 2, 2010

My Brother

hello all...

you must check out the layouts that were posted for the 1st butterfly crafts design team challenge. everyone's looked great! it was exciting to see what everyone came up with. mine is ok, but i was unhappy with the placement of the "friends" letters at the top. i didnt like that they overlapped the label...but i'll give it to those thickers...they stick good! haha! i didnt even press them down whatsoever and when i wanted to move them they were actually ripping the paper, so much for that idea. does that every happen to any of you? you plan something out and then want to change it but it's too late so you just have to live with it?

anyhow. on sunday i created this layout. this picture was taken a few years's one of my favorites of my brother, spenser, and i. i was home for college and we decided to go to the truck stop really late to have coffee and talk. he is so cool. but alas, our beloved truck stop in my hometown is no more...that is sooo sad. it was a staple of our high-school lives. (p.s. sorry for the glare in the full layout shot...i was having a hard time this morning with the lighting.)

and speaking of my brother, he somehow got involved with ultimate fighting and had his first fight this past saturday. i was scared for him, being as though he is my one and only baby brother. but thankfully, he made it out alive.

xoxo andie...


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