March 6, 2010

Photo Booth Fun

I was going through some of my picture boxes (you know, when i actually had film developed) and i came across this half strip of photo booth pics. at the time, michael and i had cut them in half and he took 2 and i took 2. unfortunately, he lost his...he somehow had it stuck up in his car, and it slid down behind the headliner and since he no longer owns that vw...

anyhow! this was on a trip to indiana beach for my mom's company party when we were in high school. so cute! i was grouchy later on that day i remember, so i'm glad we got these silly photos in early!

the offwhite felt heart is my own handmade embellie and the corrugated butterfly was punched from a starbucks coffee cozy. mmmhhh starbucks. havent had that in forever!

have a fabulous weekend. xoxo andie...


  1. very cute. I love the color palate

  2. These are such cute pics! I love what you did with them on this page. Have a great day!



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