February 26, 2009

new project ideas

In high school people always wanted to buy my artwork - they'd catch me at a ball game or come into Mundy's when I was waitressing to ask me about it. I never did sell anything though because I was always so attached.  Plus I never knew how much to charge? I just felt weird about it. Looking back, I wish I would have given some of those things up because now they just sit in a closet (haha I think in the closet at my parents house, sorry mom, someday I'll get all the rest of my things) because they are not coordinating with my little country home.  

Well, I've been wanting to start painting on canvas for my etsy shop. I always have tons of ideas and I have drawn out one in particular that is just begging to be brought to life. It's an Alice in Wonderland piece - with the white rabbit and a stopwatch. It will be a little whimsical and homemade looking. I am totally inspired by Elsie Flannigan of Red Velvet Art. She is my artistic hero. Someday I'd love to meet her...I actually emailed her last week and she wrote back to me that same day, which was awesome. It was weird for me to do that but I really just wanted to tell her how cool I thought she was. I'd love to do what she does. Her blog is fantastic...I'm addicted!   www.abeautifulmess.typepad.com

Oh, and I recently bought a little wooden box that I'm going to paint up too. Great for treasures and trinkets or maybe just pencils? :0)

xoxo andie...

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