June 18, 2009

funny movie...

since i work for nbc, we get free advanced movie screening passes to see lots of movies before they actually are available to the public. tonight i invited my friend taylor to go see "the proposal" but when we got there we found out it was sold out. so i was bummed...we waited in line to see if we could get into another movie and "the hangover" was the next closest time so we signed up to see that one.

i laughed so hard i have a headache. and my cheeks hurt. and everytime i think about it i start to laugh again.

with that said, i think you can figure that i liked it. go see it if you haven't already. i now know why it brought in so much money at the boxoffice. go now!

*in crafty news, i've been working on a cute little project for the past week but its not getting done. ..so i should probably get off to it.

and my baby kittens are growing so much! here's a pic of the little cuties!

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