July 28, 2009

miss peacock

the other day, someone found this little kitten following a homeless man down the street in front of my work. the man said he could not take care of it, so it was was brought inside so we could try to find a home for her. the little kitten took a liking to me...i liked her too, but since we already have a momma cat with 3 kittens at home right now i knew i could not bring another one home...but i sure was tempted. this sweet little kitten took naps on my lap all day while i was working. talk about theraputic!
later on in the evening she decided to go tromping around on my desk and sat underneath my computer monitor for a bit. but then she would attack my hand playfully while i used my wacom pen tool. it was too funny. i figure she's probably about 6 weeks old as she is around the same size as my kittens at home.
the great news is that someone wanted this little one and named her miss peacock (because we work at nbc...get it!?) and she has a very loving home now! how great is that?!

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