August 12, 2009

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge

i made this sweet little thank you card last night to play along with dawn's challenge this week. i gathered my supplies from my little craft shop upstairs last night and had to bring them downstairs to glue everything together. it is soooo hot up there! i do not understand why none of the air-conditioning reaches up there? am i missing something? the people we bought this house from said the loft was the "bedroom" for all of their kids as they were growing up...those poor kids! guess they never had to you break a sweat just being up there for 4seconds!
what do you think?
xoxo andie...


  1. this card is really gorgeous, the butterflys look really pretty.

  2. Great butterfly and button accents. Awesome job on Dawn's color challenge.

    It's a good life!
    Terri E

  3. Cute! Love the butterflies! Oh, and about the A/C, maybe check the air flow in your duct work. It might be restricted or you might have to damper off some of the downstairs to give more upstairs, or your unit might not be big enough! Anyway, we own a A/C & Heating company! I hope that helps! :)



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