September 27, 2009

my weekend & to do list

clean fishtank

empty out beanbag couch and wash covers (ehw)


clean out closets

organize upstairs

make cute things

whew. i've got a lot to do. yesterday i took rambo to the s.n.i.p. clinic...poor thing got neutered...but he's perfectly fine and acting like his cute little self. we just do not need any more cats running around our land. i also gave all 3 of the older kittens flea baths...that was the first time they've had baths and it was histerical. rambo was the most calm. he just sat in any position you held him in. mojo and sassy were more squirmy and fought me a little bit. no scratches though! i couldn't believe it! far as the little baby kitten, she is having a hard time going number 2...i called the vet and they told me to basically give her an enema...hhmm. that's just what i wanted to do this weekend. so far it is not working so i think i will have to take her in. and i thought of a name...i call her pipsqueek, so she'll be called pippi! isn't that too cute?

since trueblood is over for the season, sunday's don't feel the same...i don't have anything on tv to look forward to watching! boo!

hope your weekend has been great!
xoxo andie...

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