September 19, 2009

Tiny Little Baby Kitten

today i had a lot of errands to run and things to do. i was on a mission. the first stop, get gasoline!

so as i was filling up i kept hearing a very loooud kitten meow-ing. it was kind of ridiculously loud. then i saw a woman walk back to a row of cars at the car dealership across the road from the gas station. she was looking underneath car no.1 then car no.2 then came to a truck, which she looked in the bed of. then she walked away and came back with one of the salesman, who reached into the truck and took out the little baby kitten.

so. it was a hot day and that poor little baby kitten sounded so scared, hungry and confused that it was breaking my heart. i didnt want it to wonder into the street since the man had taken him out of the truckbed.

long story short the tiny little baby kitten turned out to be a lot smaller than i thought once i actually walked over to get it. it's eyes are closed and the embilical cord was still attached. my hope was that tabby, our mother cat who is still nursing her own kittens (even though they are a little old to be nursing still in my opinion) but tabby wasn't really feeling that. so i went to the store, bought a tiny bottle and kitten formula but the poor thing wont hold still long enough to be fed, and i'm kinda freaking out! he is so squirmy and terrified all around. what a long day...and i'm suppose to do this every 3 hours...oh boy.


  1. sweet kitty! So glad you came to the rescue! Best wishes from Morocco!



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