January 22, 2010

Pink Wuzzie

happy friday! this week has been dragging by for me...so tgif!

yesterday i made this cute little wuzzie (as i call them). in honor of valentines, she's pink! i patterned my wuzzies off of a drawing i did for a painting, that never got painted. so i turned them into little cute felties!
i am also finishing up a cute little mini book for my little sister, kaitlyn. both she and i share a love of reading, so over christmas we talked about keeping lists of all the books we've been reading. she started on harry potter, at age 9! i just read those about 3 years ago and loved them, so i can imagine how fun they must be for a younger person. but anyhow! i made a little journal for her to keep track and when it's all the way done, i'll share it with you.

xoxo andie...

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