February 5, 2010

sweet Valentine ( & parakeet hair)

so. today's challenge with nichole (http://www.nicholeheady.typepad.com/) of papertrey ink is challenging us to try the "emboss resist" technique. well, i had an embossing ink pad, and a thing of embossing powder that i picked up on sale one time at hobby lobby. so this morning i stamped up my image and tried to heat it up with my blowdryer. ha. i tried, but did not succeed. i guess it does not get hot enough but so much for being thrifty and innovative. embarred to say, but i even plugged up the iron thinking that might blow some steam off of it. you can figure out how that went.
but my mr. came to the rescue. he gave me some "hobby lobby money" (as he calls it) last week or the week before and little 'ole me hadn't spent it yet. so after work tonight i bought a heat embossing gun. it's purple and so cute. and it works!

so here is my first attempt with my heat gun. i used a paper towel to smudge the pink ink around the hearts. and my very best attempt to sew in a straight line. someday i will learn.

happy weekend.
xoxo andie...

p.s. does anyone know how to create a correct link in blogger? everytime i do it with the link button, it somehow adds www.blogger/ to the beginning of whatever url i type in, so then it won't actually go to the website i want it to. wtf? it's aggrevating me.
p.s.s. i saw someone do a scrapbook page titled "12 months of me" which i thought was a cute idea...so i'm going to try it too. this is my february photo...i decided that i look like a parakeet when i wear my hair like this. hehe. but whatever. it's easy and i'm not that hair saavy. but i do like having short hair now!


  1. Cute card! Congrats on the new heat gun. As for adding a link just delete everything that comes up in the box before you paste your address in and it should work. Hope that helps.

  2. nice card. I like the sewing. I have to incorporate more of that in my projects.

    try to resist the bumpit!

  3. Hi great blog by the way.
    The way I post links is to highlight the text that I want the link to come from. Click on the little link button. Make sure the box is empty then type http:// (name of blog site etc hear) and finish off with / This always works for me. http://mylifeandcreations.blogspot.com/



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