April 11, 2010

the christmas donkey

so if you know me, you know i love donkeys. everytime the mr and i drive past a farm with a donkey, i about die. i want one so badly. but michael says that they need to live in pairs and need to have that companionship in order to be happy. that's ok with me though...2 donkeys are better than one! i would just love to have one white with brown polka dots and one gray one.

so...imagine my delight when my little sister was cast as the donkey in the church christmas play a few years back. (geesh! doesn't time fly!) anyhow, she was the cuuuuuutest thing. i thought they would just have a paper/plastic donkey face on a stick that she would hold in front of her face, but oh no no. they went all out and she had the sweetest costume ever! this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of her.

don't you just love that crepe paper that i ran through the sewing machine. i'm getting better at straight lines...yeah! i think it only cost like a dollar or so at dollar general...i will have to get more colors because i really like the look it created!

also, the banner stamp is from Dear Lizzy. it's the first time i've used it and i just adore it! i created this layout based on the "sunday sketch" from studio calico. i just love their monthly kits...or should i say i love to look at their monthly kits.i do not actually subscribe to their montly kits...i need to get a couple credit cards paid off before i indulge in another expense. hehe....maybe next year studio calico!

xoxo andie...

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