June 9, 2010

sweet 16

hello! no card to share today but i do have a scrapbook page that i made a while back.

these pictures were all taken on my sister, billie's, sweet 16! she is so beautiful. my family got together for cake and ice cream and i got to be there because i was home visiting for a few days! so i was super excited about that. my mom and i made the cake...and the experience was hilarious because the party was *kinda last minute. as in, we ran to the grocery to buy the supplies, ran home and mixed up the ingredients, and baked them. then we drove to the little town where my brother lives because he wanted us to go to this pizza place he loves by his house. so we went and did that while the cakes were cooling. then we rushed back home because everyone was suppose to be arriving within a half hour. haha! so it was a crazy few hours, but so much fun.

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