March 29, 2009

CKU Convention

saturday i went to the 1st cku convention in louisville at the kentucky expo center. it was sooo much fun. i got there a little early so i could shop...i got some really cute stuff, but i did not spend very much money, so that is a big plus! i volunteered as a TA and i helped in a few classes. the first one was not so much fun as i had to sit and clean off stamps for nearly an hour. the next few classses were taught by a really nice lady named brandon from the company Piggy Tales. her sister, giboney was in and out too and she had the cutest little baby! i had a lot of fun helping them out, setting up scrap kits and listening to the class. i got a lot of ideas and i love love love their interactive scrapbooks. i can't wait to get started on mine!

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