December 14, 2009

color challenge no.20

this week i remembered to check the deadline for dawn's raspberry suite color challenge. last week i missed it by a couple of days! goes life. the challenge colors this time are soooo cute and cozy and i just loved working on this one. i decided to make a cute little tag this time, as i am getting quite the collection of cards.

but if you've got time, check out the card drives that jennifer mcquire (jennifermcquire has been makes you feel so good to create something cute to send to a special little child. i sent some around halloween time, one for a girl named kate & one for a little boy named eric. she's added a lot more kids this time around so go make some cards!!!

do you have your christmas shopping completed yet? i sure do not! i have barely started...i've just been busy with stuff around the house. and both the laptop and desktop computers died this we had to go buy a new one over the weekend. talk about an unexpected expense...especially around the holidays!
hope your week is fantastic!
xoxo andie...


  1. This is so cute! LOVE it! What a cool job you have and it sounds like a happy life. Good for you!

  2. Love the tag! So fun with the paper piecing!



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