December 3, 2009

cute new owl

my birthday was a couple of weeks ago and i told my mom all that i wanted was this cute little owl die-cut. of course, she sent that one thing along with a package of other fun scrapbooking stuff, which i love love love! i made a couple of cards to share using my cute new owl. the only hard thing is gluing down the eyes and beak because the pieces are soooo tiny.

it's just starting to get cold where i live and i'm already ready for springtime! once christmas is over, just bring back that warm summer sun, mother nature. i can skip all of the cold stuff!
xoxo andie...


  1. this might be worth a try to easily glue down the eyes. Or just use it to write and glitter. Or accent anything!

  2. thanks for the info on the gluepen! need one of those!!!

    xoxo andie...



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